It’s hard to believe its been over a year since my last post.  All I can say is that 2013 was the most challenging year of my life to date.  From personal health problems to major dramas to a big move…all with three young boys in tow.  It was a year I slept the least and worried the most.  I cried.  I tried to laugh.  I prayed.  I learned.  I grew.  We all did.  And in the “end” I finally feel like the fog is lifting, the clouds are parting, the sun is starting to shine and I am coming up for air.  A deep breath.  Life is good.  I am blessed.  


Just one more slice? 

Dear Grandma,

You have left this world as I know it and I can only hope that you are some where baking pies now…
In some ways I wish I could have seen you again. My last visit was so rushed with both boys running and lil Finn just a seed in my belly. We didn’t get a chance to sit and talk like we always did at your kitchen table…
But I am selfishly grateful that I get to remember you that way and not full of tubes and exhaustion the way others who last saw you will remember…
I will remember your perfectly styled hair, your elegantly applied make up and pearl necklace.  Your proper skirt and hose. A woman of grace you were.  But I will also remember your cozy homemade knit stripped slippers, a node to your cozy practicality.
I will remember you sipping coffee and munching goodies from your spot in the kitchen, reciting recipes I should try by heart.
I will remember your character. You were a strong and independent woman. I believe for the era you grew up in you were a woman ahead of your time…
After loosing your husband at a young age you maintained your home with diligence. I know you prided yourself on it. In fact, you had a strong sense of pride, for better and for worse - a true Kemp trait ;)
I will remember your humor!  We shared some really great laughs! Like the times we came to visit and our car broke down when we tried to leave (twice!) and with a perfectly straight face, you admitted to tapering with them in the middle of the night, so we could stay longer…We laughed about silly things and nothing. You loved to tease and be teased. 

But most importantly Grandma, I will remember your pies. I have never tasted anything that compares to the perfection that they were.  I believe in each pie you poured your love for the ones you really cared about.  I know baking was a passion.  I know we have that in common. I could taste the love and passion in every I bite I had the privilege to eat.

Thank you grandma. I love you. Your spirit will always live on in my kitchen and in my heart. Rest in peace.



The time has flown...

Dear Blog,

Where do I begin…

First, I am sorry you have been so neglected! But you do know when I get “free time” I’m more likely to pick sleep over writing – for better or for worse.

I have missed you though ;)

So on that note let me begin.

The rest of April, Ryan and I worked steadily getting ready for our new baby BUT we also had another special event we were preparing for – my sister’s wedding! Like most weddings these days, there are so many fun events that build you up to the official day and her wedding was no exception! From her shower, to her bachelorette, to the rehearsal and then finally the official day!! And what a day it was!! Simply perfect and one I will remember for the rest of my life! Yet 3 weeks before my sister’s big day (and three weeks before I had to squeeze into a bridesmaids dress) our little Finnegan was finally was born. He was a week late but it was by far the best birth of the three boys – peaceful and quick! His birth story is here, if anyone besides myself wants to relish it….

Then a short week after our precious third son was born, our oldest celebrated his 4th birthday!!! 4!! How did that happen so quickly? His celebration was pretty low key considering all that was going on but we had lots of fun too!

Then summer took off in full swing and it was the hottest summer I can remember but we got out with the boys as much as possible and we celebrated Declan’s 2nd birthday with another low key gathering!

So that brings us to the end of August and smack dab in the middle of our crazy busy, exhausting and joyful life with 3 under the age of 4!!Like any parent in the middle of chaos, I look forward to my “own” time again and more sleep BUT I am also trying to savour each day as much as possible. I am well aware of how quickly time passes – the days are long but the years are short.


I love summer!







You are not a baby any more!

Dear sweet lil’ Declan you turned two - and I always feel like two marks the age where babies become little people and Declan, you are no exception!

You have become so independent in the last year (particularly the last few months!) I don’t know if I am happy or sad about it! You LOVE to read and might be one of the few children in the world who actually LOVES getting books as gifts! Needless to say, we read often together and you are putting words together more and more.  I am so proud when I see you point out an animal, call it by name and then act it out in some kind of way! Although, I was a little worried when you were showing me how fast a cheetah runs and bounced your head off your bedroom door! It didn’t phase you though!!

In fact, your daddy and I are constantly in awe of your fearless nature and strong desire to try anything! Once you found a huge beetle in the backyard and eagerly picked it up to examine in.  Liam and I anxiously watched from a distance (both feeling squeamish) while you explored him and where he went when you set him down! 

But I must say as independent as you are, you love nothing more than following your big brother! Your daddy and I laugh often at how much you mimic him in everyway and how we can predict your actions based on what Liam is doing.  Thankfully, for the most part, you have a great time together and Liam isn’t bothered by your constant adoration!!

When you met Finn for the first time you weren’t really sure what to make of him! As excited as you were about my big baby belly (which you claimed to have too!) your first glimpse of him had you wondering what the heck he was! But in a matter of hours you were asking to “hold him”, which is precious.

 I think YOU are going to love being a big brother as much as Liam does and I know you will be just as loving and protective!

I am so grateful for you Declan.  Your determined and courageous nature is inspiring and you remind me often to step out of my comfort zone to see the world in a different way.  Than you for that my love, you mean the world to me today and always.